Oyster Bar

For all lovers of gourmet seafood delicacies, Royal Beach offers an oyster bar with a variety of serves and combinations.
Read more 09.03.2021

Gourmet banquet at Royal Beach

The usual format for serving a large event is snacks and salads on the table. It's familiar and convenient. But, if the dinner is held with the simultaneous presentation of exquisite courses for each guest at the ...
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New set menu at Royal Beach

The Royal Beach restaurant has presented an updated menu in the format of two sets.
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Chef of Royal Beach Alexander Toropchin acted as an expert in the Izvestia program on Channel Five

The news item on the federal broadcast was devoted to the traditional New Year's dish - herring under a fur coat and the problem of the declining quality of canned fish.
Read more 23.12.2020

Opening hours of the restaurant on New Year's holidays

Friends, in connection with the new restrictive measures, the Royal Beach restaurant is changing its opening hours for the New Year holidays.
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New Year's feast from Royal Beach

Do you want to please yourself and your loved ones with chic and exquisite dishes at a New Year's feast without any extra effort...
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Online corporate parties in Royal Beach

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of holding a corporate party and having fun with colleagues, even while at home at the computer.
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Oyster Bar at Royal Beach

For all lovers of gourmet seafood, Royal Beach offers an oyster bar with a variety of serves and combinations.
Read more 24.11.2020

Reservation of a new space at Royal Beach is open

We are accepting applications for holding events in the new Green Pavilion on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.
Read more 17.11.2020

Cocktail bar at Royal Beach

The Royal Beach banquet menu is complemented by a cocktail bar! Now you can diversify your event with original and colorful drinks.
Read more 12.11.2020