Cold platter - Cheese and vegetables

  G. RUB.
1. Vegetable mix (tomato, cucumber, pepper, radish, daikon, fennel and greens) VEG 100 330
2. Chickpeas hummus with tomato jam and kataifi VEG 60 360
3. Pickles and marinades set (squash, champignons, cucumber, cabbage, stuffed pepper, spicy carrot and greens) (VEG on request) 100 410
4. Mozzarella de buffalo with tomatoes and til with balsamic sauce and greenery oil with fresh basil 100 490
5. Grilled eggplant mini roll stuffed by roasted pepper and feta cheese 200 510
6. Grilled eggplant mini roll stuffed by roasted pepper, soft cheese, walnut and garlic 200 510

7. Salted milk mushrooms with onion in sour cream dressing served with warm potato 

100 610
8. Italian antipasti (olives, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, peppers and squash with cheese, capers) (VEG on request) 160 800
9. Cheese plateau (brie cheese, gorgonzola cheese, goat  cheese, parmesan cheese) with honey and nuts 100 1350