Special occasion

Special occasion

The restaurant's usual daily menu and a dinner ordered for a special occasion are two different stories. Evening reception of a successful corporation, anniversary of a famous person, an award ceremony – such events require a special menu, atmosphere and wine list. The customer expects that all these elements will be unique and will be remembered by them and the guests of the evening for a long time, if not for a lifetime. From the point of view of the restaurant, in addition to the risk to displeasing special customers, there are still risks associated with the procurement and simultaneous servicing of a large number of guests – special skills are needed to prepare and serve dinner for 100 or more people without fail. Winner.club interviewed the representatives of St. Petersburg restaurants, which are leaders in the segment of gala receptions, on what to consider when organizing an extraordinary event.

In St. Petersburg, there are not many public places with halls that can accommodate up to 800 guests (and even more in summer) and at the same time offer a stunning view of a large water area. Royal Beach has four separate rooms with separate entrances and panoramic windows overlooking the Gulf of Finland and the Malaya Neva delta. In summer, its own territory with a snow-white tent on the coast makes the venue of an important event especially attractive.

The restaurant team has experience conducting not only large private family celebrations, but also events significant for the city and even the country. It is not the first year that Royal Beach has hosted an official reception before the opening of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on behalf of the SPIEF Organizing Committee. In 2018, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of the business community was held here – the RBC Petersburg Award, as well as St. Petersburg Design Week. During the FIFA World Cup, Royal Beach became the official home of Casa Bleue, fans of the French national team.

At Royal Beach, you can taste meals uncommon for restaurants. For example, a monk fish. It comes here chilled, not frozen, prepared using sous-vide technology, which gives it a delicate, pleasant taste with a barely noticeable sweetness. Served with spicy ptitim pasta made from durum wheat. Among cold appetizers and salads, black tuna deserves holds a special place. It is served with curry pudding, turnip jam and plum.

For a major event, a wine list requires particular attention. An ideal wine list will satisfy the needs of the customer and invited guests, but there is no consistency in this regard. Things ideal for some people will not always please others; there are many reasons for this: budget, occasion, event format, season, taste preferences and even the age of the guests. In search of this elusive ideal, experienced sommeliers of the Royal Beach scenic restaurant come to the rescue.

Roman Trusov – Chef of Royal Beach Original Cuisine Scenic Restaurant.

We are distinguished by the location – Royal Beach is located in the heart of Krestovsky Island, on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. In addition, a non-standard architectural solution attracts attention – many compare the shape of the building with a green roof to Scandinavian cliffs overgrown with moss on the shores of the northern seas.

The unique look is supported by the original flavours of the original cuisine – along with the unique meals, there are top-quality, well-known dishes, such as Russian salad or dressed herring (this classic is still in demand in the banquet menu). But in our case these dishes will be really special, for example, dressed herring is sprinkled with “black sponge cake” made of soft wheat varieties with cuttlefish ink and served with caviar and microgreens.

An important element of the celebration, but invisible to guests, is the culture of production in the kitchen. If it is absent, this is a spoiled holiday with sad consequences. The same applies to the high level of guest service. These are not empty words. Few restaurants offer guests preliminary tastings, and this is very important before a crucial event. We do this, and in addition, we are ready to diverge from the standards and work out dishes according to individual wishes.


  • — An individual menu from the chef, taking into account the concept of the event;
  • — Menu preliminary tasting;
  • — Possibility of original presentation of main dishes;
  • — Original cakes.


  • — Turnkey event planning: from concept to invitations and show programs.