Royal Beach – tastefully view!

Royal Beach – tastefully view!

 “Usually, it is difficult to combine the format of large events and a la carte within one public place. But the versatility of Royal Beach, its favorable location and stunning views allow you to enjoy a private dinner, for example, in the VIP fireplace room, and hold a large-scale event for 1000 distinguished guests.”

Krestovsky Island is the green heart of Saint Petersburg, a respectable island-park – a great opportunity to escape the bustle of the metropolis without leaving the city. In the heart of Krestovsky Island on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, next to the Gazprom Arena stadium, there is the Royal Beach original cuisine scenic restaurant.

Once, Prince Beloselsky-Belozersky planned to create a rest zone for the aristocracy on Krestovsky, but in the 19th century, the idea was not actualized due to the swampiness of the territory. But today it's all solid ground. Elite residential complexes, sports clubs and restaurants are located on the island, and its park alleys and embankments have become favourite strolling places for Petersburgers.

Thanks to its non-standard architectural solution, the Royal Beach original cuisine scenic restaurant is an undoubted decoration of Krestovsky Island and a vivid example of the “landscape architecture” style. Project designers developed the idea of Alexander Nikolsky, the famous Soviet architect, on the creation of park pavilions in the form of a "habitable landscape". Unusual lines of the roof and facade made it possible to "merge" the building with the environment. In summer, the green roof of the restaurant is covered with meadow herbs. The shape of the Royal Beach building is compared by many with the Scandinavian cliffs on the shores of the northern seas overgrown with moss.

All the halls of the complex offer stunning views of the Malaya Neva Delta and the Gulf of Finland. In summer, the spacious territory of Royal Beach on the coast turns into one of the most beautiful lounge areas in the city. Four halls with separate entrances, which can comfortably accommodate from 10 to 800 guests, made it possible for Royal Beach to win the title of one of the most popular venues in Saint Petersburg for private events, presentations, cultural and business events. Only in 2018, the restaurant held an official reception before the opening of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on behalf of the SPIEF Organizing Committee, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies of the business community – RBC Award, the 25th anniversary of Delovoy Peterburg newspaper, St. Petersburg Design Week, and during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Royal Beach became the official Home of Casa Bleue, fans of French national team.

Last year, Royal Beach was recognized as the best scenic platform with for large events in Saint Petersburg according to the HORECA “UP” ULTRA PROFESSIONAL hotel and restaurant award. Anastasia Botkina, the pastry chef, became one of the best pastry-cooks in the city and took the second place with her signature dessert “Honey Cone from Cedar Forest”. Due to its original presentation, a familiar honey cake is hardly recognizable. But the recipe can in no way be called simple: creme anglaise mousse, flower honey streusel, a mixture of hazelnuts. Served on the “ground” of a classic chocolate sponge cake, with pear coulis, young fir cone jam and pistachio sponge cake “moss”.

In March 2019, Roman Trusov headed the Royal Beach kitchen. He has been engaged in culinary art for more than 20 years. Under his belt, he has experience not only in Russia, but the successful launch of projects in France and Israel. Roman is the winner of professional competitions and the winner of many awards, including Bocuse d’Or. The original menu is based on the principles of exquisite simplicity. Seasonal and local products are discovered in new ways – in unusual combinations and a game of flavour shades.