Seasonal weapons

Seasonal weapons

“Restaurants with locations such as Royal Beach, by and large, don't have to think of anything special in the summer. “You just go back and forth”, as a classic Soviet joke suggests. The Gulf of Finland, clean air, warm sun, wonderful view of the grand water body, a properly equipped lounge area... However, Roman Trusov, the chef, is not looking for simple solutions. You want bright colours and lightness? Go ahead!

Here even apparently the most obvious dishes are intricately coloured. Cappuccino mushroom cream soup made from chanterelles and truffles (an extremely rare combination!). Cold basil soup is served with fresh cheese, lychee and strawberries. Pike perch is steamed with pine branches and is accompanied by celery mousse and Polish sauce. Well, how can you say no to that?”


Roman Trusov – Chef of Royal Beach Restaurant

“The menu of our restaurant is a symbiosis between the love for Russian traditions and the respect for cultures of other countries. Each recipe is unique because it contains a part of history. We cook with love for products that embody human labour and unindifference. Our philosophy is to perfect the best. The best that people have created over the centuries. Our menu is not just an example of combining classics with innovative technologies, but also the embodiment of my main principle – you should always move forward and love what you are doing.

In my seasonal dish Black Tuna with Curry Pudding, Turnip Jam and Plum, I tried, figuratively speaking, to combine time and space, “sea” and “land”. Hence the selection of ingredients. Smooth marinated black tuna billets, curry pudding balls resembling the sun, microgreens, edible floral decor and juicy plum... All this harmoniously balances between spicy, salty and sweet notes. The dish seems to remind you that summer is a small life”.