Royal Beach gives New Year gifts

Royal Beach gives gifts to everyone when ordering New Year's meals at home in December 2021. New Year is a holiday that unites the whole family, friends at the table and sets the mood for the whole year. Royal Beach will help you save energy without sacrificing the scope of the feast and will cheer you up with gifts:

When ordering from 35,000 rubles, we give a cake "New Year's Toy" (1 kg) - a spherical dessert, inside which it is possible to place a small surprise - a gift for those closest to you.

When ordering from 45,000 rubles - we give a cake "New Year's Toy" (1 kg) and Martini Prosecco (0.75 ml)

When ordering from 50,000 rubles - we present a dish from the Chef to your choice: sturgeon baked in champagne with saffron risotto; pike in spicy herbs stuffed with shrimps; duck stewed with apples and cabbage in berry sauce.

The minimum order value is 35,000 rubles (a menu of several courses, designed for 4 people). Orders are accepted from December 1 to December 29, 2021 at least one day before the delivery date (Orders for December 31 are accepted until December 29, 2021). To confirm the order, you must make an advance payment of 50%

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