Drank wine and laughed

11.30.19 at 18.00 - evening in the style of "Sawing wine and laughed. Red ”at Royal Beach!

We invite you to a bachelorette party in the chamber atmosphere of a view restaurant on Krestovsky Island. A welcome glass of wine for each guest.

“I drank wine and laughed” from Theater Two - a project of graduates of the St. Petersburg Institute of Performing Arts, ex-actresses of the Lyceum Theater Anika Bykova and Inna Egorova. The play is based on real events: for the first time, female revelations and secrets collected on the Internet were used for the production.

What is the performance about?

About women, men, family, children, infidelity, diets - about everything. The most interesting stories from women's forums. It is recommended that both women - to laugh at themselves, and men - to look into the difficult world of the female soul.

Over 4 years, the performance has already been watched by more than 25,000 spectators in both capitals, Russian regions, the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

Tickets cost 2250 rubles, duration - 1 hour 30 minutes.

Come Ho-Ho-tat from the heart. 18+

Link to purchase tickets:https://spb.kassir.ru/teatr/vecher-v-stile-pila-vino-i-hohotala-krasnoe

Royal Beach
St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island,
Yuzhnaya doroga (Southern Road), 14
Info & Reserve: 8 (812) 677-79-35