New buffet lines at Royal Beach

The welcome buffet is one of the important parts of the event; guests see the welcome zone first of all when entering the hall. Therefore, the serving of snacks is of great importance, namely, if we use professional terms, the level of equipment for buffet lines.

Royal Beach has updated its collection, now it offers new multi-tiered buffet systems in line with the latest industry trends. Instead of traditional food warmers (metal boxes for serving hot snacks), there are laconic modern heat lamps that allow you to present hot snacks and keep them warm. In addition, the updated lines represent a variety of construction forms, a large selection of original glass dishes that give the composition an “airiness”, and artistic lighting with a choice of colors sets accents and becomes part of the celebration decorations.

Royal Beach
St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island,
Yuzhnaya doroga (Southern Road), 14
Info & Reserve: 8 (812) 677-79-35