New menu at Royal Beach!

Royal Beach presented two new set menus in November.

The set menu is an opportunity to try many dishes in one evening and enjoy an extravaganza of tastes and incredible combinations.

In the new gastronomic scenario of Royal Beach - fried scallops with artichokes, chicken parfait with onion marmalade, crab phalanges baked with cheese, muksun with parsnip puree with stewed pumpkin, marbled beef medallions with pear in saffron sauce. Among the desserts is coconut creme brulee, which is aged for 24 hours in natural coconut, absorbing the taste of an exotic fruit.

We invite you to spend a special evening at Royal Beach in an atmosphere of privacy and freedom from the hustle and bustle.

Royal Beach
St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island,
Yuzhnaya doroga (Southern Road), 14
Info & Reserve: 8 (812) 677-79-35