New taste solutions

Roman Trusov, the Chef of Royal Beach, introduced a new seasonal menu.

The original dishes are based on the principles of the cuisine of Nordic countries. The main emphasis is on the use of seasonal and local products with the preservation of their natural tastes. Despite the simplicity of the values of the northern cuisine, its dishes surprise with a variety of flavors and unconventional combinations. Among the appetizers on the Royal Beach menu, black tuna with curry pudding, turnip and sweet plum jam is the original dish from the chef. Carrot salad with pumpkin Parmentier, pine nuts and prunes is also a prime example of innovation. The hot dishes section includes: sous vide salmon in Asian sauce with balm and fresh cucumbers; stewed lamb shank on dark beer with eggplant caviar; monk fish in a creamy sauce with spicy ptitim.


Royal Beach's sweet delicacies surprise you with their service and unexpected taste solutions – “Honey Cone from Cedar Forest” (this dessert was among the best in 2018 at the HORECA “UP” ULTRA PROFESSIONAL award), crispy waffle cones with salted caramel, “Pavlova” dessert with nuts and berries.


Roman Trusov has been engaged in culinary art for more than 20 years. Under his belt, he has experience not only in Russia, but the successful launch of projects in France and Israel.  Roman is the winner of professional competitions and the winner of many awards, including Bocuse d’Or. “The new menu of Royal Beach”, says Roman Trusov, “is a symbiosis of love for Russian traditions and respect for the cultures of other countries. Each recipe is unique because it holds a story. We cook with love for products that embody human labor and unindifference. Our philosophy is to perfect the best. The best that people have created over the centuries. Our menu is not just an example of combining classics with innovative technologies, but also the embodiment of my main principle – you should always move forward and love what you are doing”.

Royal Beach
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