Hookah evening -50% on the hookah menu!

On January 25, a 50% discount on a special hookah menu will be valid all evening.

Stop the moment and plunge into the intricate puffs of smoke of the best hookah mixes for the sets of the invited Dj.
Hookah smoking is a philosophy of enjoyment, meditation and a ritual that brings loved ones together after a busy day.

In Royal Beach hookah menu, along with standard tobaccos - adalya and serbetli, there are more saturated ones - premium ones such as daily hookah, fumari, dark side, must have, as well as various fruit bowls.

Fruit hookah is a trend today. It is considered one of the most delicious, fragrant, juicy, and besides, such a hookah smokes much longer, since fruit juice does not allow tobacco to dry quickly.

We will meet on January 25 at 18:00.

Royal Beach
St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island,
Yuzhnaya doroga (Southern Road), 14
Info & Reserve: 8 (812) 677-79-35