Gourmet stations Royal Beach

Is there an alternative to the classic buffet appetizers at a large event? Yes! Royal Beach offers animated gourmet stations: caviar and oyster bar, ham and cheese stations.

Caviar bar - a spectacular serving of 3 types of caviar on an ice plateau, surrounded by exquisite snacks: macaroni with black caviar, mini eclairs with guacomole and red caviar, petit fours with gorgonzola mousse and pike caviar, oysters with tarragon foam with black and red caviar, rye crispbreads with coconut lard and black caviar.

For lovers of gourmet seafood delicacies - an oyster bar with a variety of serves and combinations: classic oysters with wine vinegar and shallots, baked-fried oysters with parmesan cheese, ginger-soy sauce and stewed leeks, oysters with lime pineapple and champagne foam. Each set is served with lime, lemon, butter and a crispy baguette. A variety of oysters for guests' choice: Fine de Claire or Blue Pearl.

Jamon (in Spanish jamon - "ham") is the national dish of Spain. To feel the full taste of this delicacy, the ham is cut into thin strips. We offer you to enjoy it as a separate dish, which will be cut in front of you, and served with appetizers that emphasize its taste. The jamon station will be complemented by Tapas bar: bruschetta with jamon and Baku tomatoes, bruschetta with jamon and caper mousse, bruschetta with jamon and pickled artichokes, and others.

Cheese station is all the variety of delicious cheeses from France, Italy and Switzerland: Mozzarella, Cheese in hay, Cheddar orange, Maasdam, Brie. Goat's milk cheeses - Buch de Chevre and Manchego. All this variety, accompanied by snacks that help to reveal the taste of cheeses: fresh fruits and berries, olives and olives, hot baguettes, honey, grissini.

You can choose one or several stations for your event and surprise guests with exquisite delicacies and non-standard presentation.

Royal Beach
St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island,
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