Semi-finished products for independent cooking by the chef

There is no time to cut and pickle meat or just do not like to mess with it? We will do everything for you!

You will only have the most pleasant thing - to cook everything in your cottage or at home.

Order self-catering semi-finished products from Royal Beach Chef.

Semi-finished menu:
Shrimps Argentinean peeled 450
Scallop 550
Salmon Steak 720
Cod Steak 450
Rib eye steak (grain fattening) 2200
Rack of Lamb 1500
Pork loin on the bone 500
Chicken fillet skewers 880
Pork tenderloin skewers 1550
Pickled Chicken Gherkin 500

677-79-35 from 10.00 to 22.00. We accept orders on weekdays, holidays and weekends

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