Finger food

Red caviar with spiced butter 250
Parma ham with melon 120
Tuna with freshly-salted radish 170
Entree strawberry, pineapple 120
Salmon with cucumber and cheese 140
Chicken parfait with olives and tomatoes 120
Asian style carrots 80
Turnip dessert with spicy semolina 120
Assorted fresh berries 490
Olivier in tartlets 200
Eggplant with fresh cheese and nuts 150

Сold starters

Fresh vegetables with green dressing, with feta and Kalamata olives 500
Tiger shrimps with avocado cream and lychee slices 550
Black tuna with curry pudding, turnip jam and plum 550
Homemade pickles with stone potatoes 450
Dressed herring with apple and red caviar 450
Italian antipasti 750
Fruit plate 550
Noble cheeses with nuts and turnip confit 680
Meat delicacies (basturma, jamon, salami, venison) 850


Carrot salad with pumpkin parmentier, pine nuts and prunes 190
Olivier salad with red caviar, apple and pickled chicken thigh 450
Salad of soaked root vegetables with braised pear and blackcurrant coolie 400
Green salad with lychee, plum, peach and strawberry 650
Stew Tongue Salad with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Cheese 500
- Tiger shrimps 350
- Scallop 750
- Pickled tuna 500
- Roasted chicken thigh 180
- Chef-salted salmon 460

Hot starters

Crispy cheese balls with millet cereal and Blue cheese sauce 250
Wheat pancakes with caviar and lemon 550
Red pancake with wild freshly-salted salmon 400
Buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms and pickled red onions 260
Scallops with cauliflower mousse and smoke 800


Cappuccino mushroom cream soup with chanterelles and truffles 580
Spicy tomato turia with butter and garlic 350
Cold basil soup with fresh cheese, lychees and strawberries 500

Meat and Poultry

Fillet mignon with stewed pear and «Porto» sauce 1500
Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and mashed potatoes 950
Lamb shank smoked on dark beer with eggplant caviar 2000
Stewed pork breast in red wine with vegetables 800
Sous-vide chicken breast with pumpkin mousse and parsley coulis 650

Fish and seafood

Sous-vide salmon in Asian sauce with balm lemon and fresh cucumbers 1500
Steamed perch with celery mousse and polish sauce 850
Monkfish in cream sauce with spicy ptitim 2000
Sea bass fillet with pasta and pickled apple 680
Rice porridge with rapana and braised pear 750


Rib-eye steak 950
Beef skirt 1100
Beef tenderloin in herbs 1500
Sea Bass Fillet 650
Tiger shrimps 700
Scallops 900
Salmon 1200

Side Dishes and Bread

Ptitim with herbal coulis 250
Stone potato baked in josper 210
Grilled vegetables 300

Tom Yam and Nero buns with a duet of bird pates 250


Honey cone from cedar wood 660
«Pavlova» dessert with nuts and berries 390
Cherry mousse with cream and black currant 390
«Kartoshka» dessert with «Patissiere» cream 390
Almond cake with Bourbon vanilla and honey 480
Crispy waffle cones with salted caramel 390
Handmade candy 150
Macaron 160
Sorbets and ice cream 200
Sea buckthorn panna cotta with mango 160