Royal Beach, michelin-starred restaurant with a view, is once again among the best

This time, RBC Business Online Publication published a selection of the best summer St. Petersburg verandas.
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Royal Beach is on the HORECA “UP” ULTRA PROFESSIONAL 2019 Long List

Royal Beach entered the LONG LIST HORECAUP - 2019, and by tradition it is in the top of restaurants for large-format events.
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Romanticists of electronic music from Zurich will become the headliners of the party on the night of June 22-23 at Royal Beach on Krestovsky Island.
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Royal Beach is in the TOP of restaurant reviews of federal media

Royal Beach topped the list of St. Petersburg restaurants for special occasions according to PBC (RosBiznesConsulting).
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New taste solutions

Roman Trusov, the Chef of Royal Beach, introduced a new seasonal menu.
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Royal Beach is the best restaurant with a picturesque street terrace!

The results of the Restaurant Award TimeOut Petersburg 2018 were summed up. The Royal Beach Restaurant won the nomination “Best Restaurant with a Picturesque Street Terrace”.
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Easter market in Royal Beach

This year, the brightest holiday of Easter is celebrated on April 28th.
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The finals of the Time Out restaurant award will be held at Royal Beach

Royal Beach was chosen due to the conditions necessary for holding the perfect event, namely,
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Restaurant Award "Time Out Petersburg 2018"

This week the Restaurant Award "Time Out Petersburg 2018" has started!
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Gifts and promotions at Royal Beach in March

Take advantage of special offers and gifts in the Royal Beach panorama restaurant on Krestovsky Island in March.
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